Prohibition of Alcohol in America

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Prohibition of Alcohol in America



Prohibition of alcohol existed in the U.S. between 1920 and 1933. although there are 7 states that still have prohibition of alcohol on it's books. Kentucky has 44 counties out of 120, that outlaw alcohol sales and consumption. The problem of repealing a law is that many states and localities did not go back to being "wet." Many remained "dry" and prohibited the sale of alcohol, even today. USA Today states "States have the most or highest percentage of "dry" counties".

The reasons that most of these states and counties still prohibit alcohol sales and consumption is usually due to moral and religious leaders that feel it would be more a detriment than an asset. They cite the evils of alcohol and how people would be driving around drunk and killing others. Also health reasons and what alcoholism does to the family.

Prohibition of Alcohol in America

Resources to oppose expanded Alcohol Sales
Prohibition of Alcohol
Prohibition of Alcohol


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The Effects of Alcohol newspaper ad that lists the effects of alcohol, available in downloadable Microsoft Word format
How would the sale of alcohol affect your economy & your community?   newspaper ad ,available in downloadable  Microsoft Word format
just one reason  newspaper ad asking you to find just one reason to vote No, downloadable version in Microsoft Word Format


 Newspaper ad that provides some economic facts. Available in Microsoft Word for download.



Newspaper ad, available for download in Microsoft Word format.



The American Prohibition Movement

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